Show Your Grow

Submissions for the Live Plant Competition Are Now Open! Winning plants will be displayed at the Oregon Growers and Consumers Fair on Sunday, August 13. Commercial and amatuer growers are encouraged to enter and “Show their Grow”. Plants for the Competition need to arrive by 7:00AM for setup. Awards will be presented at 4:20PM on Saturday, August 12

The Deadline to register is Monday, July 31st.

Deadline EXTENDED to Saturday, August 5th

Cost: $75 per plant entry (includes a full-day pass to the Show on Saturday, August 12)



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Submission Categories
  • Sativa | Composed of at least 80% C.sativa or Narrow Leaf Drug-type (NLD) genes and/or morphological characteristics.
  • Indica | Composed of at least 80% C.indica or Broad Leaf Drug – type (BLD) genes and/or morphological characteristics.
  • Hybrid | Composed of approximately equal C. indica (BLD) and C. sativa (NLD) genes and/or morphological characteristics.
  • CBD | Composed of any combination of C. indica (BLD) and C. sativa (NLD) genes and/or morphological characteristics, that is expected to produce a greater amount of CBD than THC, with a maximum of 3% THC.
Submission Criteria

A panel of judges will rate the plants based on the following criteria:

  • Color
  • Shape and structure
  • Node stacking
  • Leaf structure
  • Aroma
  • General health and lack of pest
Competition Rules

The plant you bring must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Plants can be grown in any medium
  • Flowering plants are allowed
  • Plants must arrive 8/12 by 7am for set-up
  • 1 plant per category per grower
  • Size of plant is not restricted (3-4 ft. tall is encouraged)
Check-In and Onsite Procedure
  • All plants must have a UID number affixed to them. Information on the cannabis tracking system can be found on the OLCC website.
  • Growers must have a circular transfer manifest with the Fairgrounds listed as the midway point, present with them at the Grower’s Fair.
    • Fairgrounds Address: 2330 17th St NE, Salem, OR 97301
  • All participants must sign the Oregon Grower’s Fair Control Plan prior to arrival onsite.
  • A Transfer Manifest must be completed no later than 10:00PM on Friday, August 11. Grower’s must finalize the transfer manifest by end of day at the conclusion of the event.
  • Growers must have a copy of the transfer manifest with them onsite.
  • All plants must arrive on-site at the Fairgrounds at 7:00 AM on Saturday, August 12.
  • Plants will be reviewed for plant health prior to display by Todd Dalotto of Can! Research
  • Plants will be assigned a number and placed in the respective display area based on the submission category.
  • The plants will be on display on risers with stations separating the attendees from the plants so the plants will not be touched by the general attendees.
  • Plants will be on display from 10:00AM – 5:00PM on Saturday, August 12.
  • The top 3 plants in each category will remain on display on Sunday, August 13 from 10:00AM – 3:00PM.
  • Growers are responsible for removing their plants at the conclusion of the award ceremony on Saturday, August 12 no later than 5:00 PM. .
  • Growers of the winning plants are responsible for moving their plants to the recognition risers.
  • Security would be provided to oversee the plants.
  • Growers are responsible for the care of their plants.
  • If you have a plant at your booth, you are responsible for the care of the plant and for proper execution of the transfer manifest.

Antonio Harvey


Antonio Harvey (born July 6, 1970) is a retired American professional basketball player. Born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Harvey attended Southern Illinois University (1988–89), Connors State College (1989–90), the University of Georgia (1990–91), and Pfeiffer University (1991–1993). He was bypassed in the 1993 NBA draft. After playing during summer 1993 with the Atlanta Eagles of the USBL, he signed as a free agent in 1993 with the Los Angeles Lakers, for whom he started on opening night of the 1993–94 season. In 1995, Harvey was in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. In the contest, he was famed for when he waited until the final seconds to do a 360-degree, free throw line dunk, but missed it, ending in 4th place. He played with five other NBA teams, as well as in Greece, Spain, Poland and Italy. In April 2004, he was named the general manager and head coach of the American Basketball Association's Portland Reign. Harvey was in radio broadcasting for the Portland Trail Blazers from 2005 to 2016. Presently, Harvey is part of a group that includes his wife and brother-in-law that got a license to grow marijuana. The call Terra Mater Farms a craft cannabis company. They're growing plants inside in a controlled environment and also outside. The goal is to produce high quality marijuana they can sell to dispensaries. "I am here every single day. It's a lot of fun," Harvey said.

Madeline Martinez

Cofounder of the NORML Women’s Alliance


Madeline Martinez sits on the Board of Directors of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and is Cofounder of the NORML Women’s Alliance, sitting as Chair of that board. In 2009 she opened the first private Cafe in the United States exclusively for Medical Cannabis Consumers. The World Famous Cannabis Cafe closed for hiatus in 2015, while Martinez works to help Oregon sort out the issue of social consumption. An undeniable force in Oregon’s cannabis legalization landscape, Martinez has been involved in cannabis activism since 1998, beginning a few years after retiring from her career with the California Department of Corrections. Her career looks back on many “Firsts” in the cannabis industry. But Madeline is looking straight ahead, and according to Newsweek’s 2016 Special Edition Weed she is “Changing how we live.”

Pioneer Pete


This is where the text for the back of your card should go.

Farmer Tom Lauerman

Owner of ‘The Garden of the Green Sun’ Farm


Tom Lauerman, more affectionately known as Farmer Tom, has had his hands in the ground since the tender age of 12, when he started landscaping and planting. He eventually owned his own landscape construction business, and that business thrived for 28 years. The “groundwork” was set, and so was his passion for all things natural. He went on to manage an organic seed farm, wild crafting herbs, for the pharmaceutical and herbal industries, and he also held the title of Director of Manufacturing at Pacifica, a natural beauty brand, where he was responsible for sourcing and developing new products. A lifelong surfer and champion downhill mountain bike racer, Farmer Tom’s life mission is all about clean living and embracing an organic, natural lifestyle.

He not only lives that mission, but he also farms it. Farmer Tom’s organic and bio-dynamic farming techniques raise the bar for all farmers, and he has become a role model and advocate for the independent and small grower. An expert in his field and the owner of ‘The Garden of the Green Sun’ Farm in Vancouver, Washington, Farmer

Tom has welcomed students from around the world to his farm to learn organic growing techniques for fruits, vegetables, and medicinals. He teaches in small, intimate settings, where students have the opportunity to experience a “hands on” education. Likewise, Medical Marijuana Patients have benefitted from Farmer Tom’s expertise in growing Cannabis and in the extraction processes used in Cannabis based herbal remedies. A popular speaker at Cannabis and Hemp related Events, Farmer Tom is also a guest blogger and contributor to numerous publications such as ‘The Columbian;’ ‘Cannabis Chronicles;’ and ‘The Cannabis Daily Record.’ Farmer Tom is the most recognizable Organic Cannabis Farmer in the industry, where his brand and likeness embody a clean, outdoor living and organic lifestyle – fulfilling his life mission. He is a passionate activist, a member of the Washing State Cannabis Commission Formation Committee, and he has worked with WA state LCB to legalize all concentrates. He is an advocate for creating standards in the cannabis industry to ensure safety and efficacy, and he is the first farmer to work directly with any federal agency (NIOSH ).

Mark Herer


Considered by many as cannabis royalty, Mark planted some of the first seeds that sprouted a worldwide movement. As a teenager, he helped his dad—legendary activist and author, Jack Herer—register voters, collect ballot signatures, and spread the message of marijuana legal reform from the shores of California to the steps of Washington D.C. He eventually settled in Oregon and had a successful two-decade stint running the family business, Portland’s iconic Third Eye Shoppe. Today, Mark is preparing to launch a new business venture that will continue the Herer legacy—and plant some new seeds in the process.

Sara Batterby

CEO & President of Hifi Farms


Sara is the President and CEO of Hifi Farms, Founding Chair of the Portland Chapter of Women Grow. She entered the cannabis industry in early 2015 after moving to Oregon from the Bay Area and has subsequently built, funded, and is now scaling one of Oregon’s leading cannabis brands. Sara raised over $4.5M to create one of the nation's most progressive cannabis companies. She registered Oregon Cannabis’s first Employee Stock Option Plan and implemented a diversity hiring initiative that has resulted in a total of 60% minority, female and veteran participation in her workforce. She is an expert in early stage investing having co-founded an angel fund in Silicon Valley and she speaks around the country on cannabis economics, risk and capital. She advises several, mostly women led, cannabis ventures and sits on the Board of the Resource Innovation Institute, the leading sustainability initiative in the cannabis industry. Sara was recently named “Executive to Watch in 2017” by the Portland Business Journal. She is passionate about diversity, sustainability and hooked on start-ups.

Plant Check-in Specialist

Todd Dalotto

Todd Dalotto is a horticultural scientist, public policy consultant, and court-qualified expert witness specializing in cannabis. He has a horticultural research degree with emphasis on sustainable agriculture and plant breeding from Oregon State University, is former Chair of the Oregon Health Authority’s Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana (ACMM), as well as the ACMM’s Horticulture, Research & Safety Committee, has served on various legislative and rules advisory committees for the State of Oregon, helped draft the regulations for Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program, and serves on Americans for Safe Access’ Patient-Focused Certification Review Board.

Todd founded the United States’ first hemp food business Hungry Bear Hemp Foods, authored the world’s first hemp cookbook The Hemp Cookbook: From Seed to Shining Seed (Inner Traditions), founded Oregon’s first cannabis medical clinic, education & support center, Compassion Center, and teaches the Cannabis Horticultural Science Course.

His research objectives over the past seventeen years include breeding of in-bred lines, growth, development, morphology, phytochemistry, yields, and cultural practices. He is president of CAN! Research, Education & Consulting in Albany, Oregon, where he innovates and implements protocol for the scientific research of cannabis, teaches, and consults businesses & individuals on the horticultural science and public policy of cannabis. Todd can be reached through his website: www.CanResearch.net.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must complete your entry online. Register here!
There is one plant allowed per grower, per category. (indica, sativa, hybrid, CBD). Please note that plants must be in a vegetative state.
There will be a growhouse built and secured on the fairgrounds with air conditioning, ventilation and lighting to preserve the plants and returned in a healthy condition. – Winners will be asked to provide a feeding and watering schedule to preserve the plants overnight and during the fair.

If you have a plant at your booth, you are responsible for the care of the plant.

Plants will be assigned an anonymous number upon check-in and will be rated by a panel of judges based on the following criteria:

    • Color
    • Shape and structure
    • Node stacking
    • Leaf structure
    • Aroma
    • General health and lack of pest
Plants will have regular indoor lighting for the 8 hours they are there. Winners will be lit with T5″s on a timer.
On the 12th at 4:15pm unless you are a winner then 4pm on the 13th.

Participant Notice

The Fairgrounds are a state-run facility and we have worked very hard to bring them to our side of the table. There is no consumption at the fairgrounds. Please do all you can on your part to protect the relationship with the fairgrounds and refrain from, and discourage, any cannabis consumption within your staff and event attendees.

Download the Live Plant Competition Information Packet

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2nd Place Winners

Sativa- Far Fetched Farms
Indica – Synergy Farms
Hybrid – Royal Ambrosia

3rd Place Winners

Sativa – WAH Farms
Indica – Sky High Farms
Hybrid – AHSG Farms