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Are you ready to respond to the cannabis question at your medical practice?
As cannabis becomes increasingly available and more patients consider reaching for it as a medicine or supplement, you need to be prepared to answer their basic questions about it with the same confidence you would for any other medication. Are you ready?

We welcome you to visit the “Canna Help You” exhibit at the Oregon Cannabis Growers’ & Consumers’ Fair this August 12th – 13th at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. The exhibit will feature physician experts in cannabis medicine who will speak on the following topics and more:

● Why and how is cannabis a medicine?
● Cannabis as a stand-alone or adjunct therapy
● How can cannabis be used for wellness?
● Safe use of cannabis
● The importance of lab testing cannabis
● The whys and hows of educating medical professionals in cannabis medicine

The “Canna Help You” exhibit will be a safe and friendly space for real dialog with cannabis medicine experts. All medical professionals, patients, and curious individuals are welcome. Please stop by to learn about the power and potential of cannabis as a tool for medicine and wellness.

Physician Experts

Dr. Janice MV Knox

Dr. Janice Marie Vaughn Knox has more than 35 years in the practice of medicine. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Washington School of Medicine. She is a wife, mother, best selling author and Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

Over her years in the operating room, Dr. Janice witnessed the increased use of life threatening pain medications and unnecessary medical interventions that yield low success rates while patients continued to get sicker. This awareness motivated Dr.Janice to become an expert in cannabis and the fields Cannabis Therapeutics and Endocannabinology.

Dr. Janice advises 400 new and established patients a month on the safe and effective use of cannabis.

Contrary to conventional medical belief, Dr. Janice feels that many cannabis treatments should become first line therapies amongst a catalogue of other natural modalities.

Dr. Janice is a much sought out speaker on the history and use of cannabis, as well as a passionate advocate for the use of medical cannabis by both patients and providers alike.

She is a resident expert at WeedHorn and www.abbibot.com.

Dr. Rachel Knox

Dr. Rachel Knox received her medical and business degrees from Tufts university after completing her undergraduate studies at Duke. Though her formal training in Family and Integrative Medicine provides her with the know-how to treat acute illness and chronic disease, she is passionate about teaching her patients how to avoid and even reverse them altogether through natural means.

Dr. Rachel believes that a person's lifestyle is his or her truest determinant of health - not how frequently one sees their doctor or how many pills one takes. As a Cannabis Specialist who counsels over 500 patients a month in medical cannabis care, she has seen first-hand how significant a role cannabis plays in helping patients reclaim their health, overall sense of wellness and their ownership over their lives.

With cannabis, patients are able to quit prescription drugs, find relief from the side effects of toxic therapies, or avoid conventional pharmaceutical medicines altogether as they treat - and in some cases cure - their conditions naturally.

Cannabis will eventually be widely considered amongst the world’s most effective and valuable medicines. Until this day comes, Dr. Rachel has a mission to both encourage patients to be bold in using Cannabis as a safe, effective and powerful means to healing, and engage with fellow practitioners regarding the use of cannabis in the compassionate care we all strive to provide.

Through direction in the areas of cannabis therapeutics, nutrition, physical activity, toxin avoidance, and stress and relationship management, Dr. Rachel uses lifestyle as medicine in both treating and preventing disease, equipping her patients with lifelong methods to actualize their healthiest selves.

In recent months Dr. Rachel presented on cannabis medicine to the United Nations and was invited to give expert testimony in support of Nebraska's Cannabis Medicine Bill.

Dr. Rachel is the current Medical Chair of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, and a resident expert at WeedHorn and www.abbibot.com.

Michael Rochlin

MJ Enterprises, LLC was created out of a need to educate and support a significant increaase Oregonians in the responsible use of cannabis, after its legalization in 2014.

Michael lobbyied almost 3-years , testify near weekly basis at Salem, a collaborative effort successfully kept tribal knowledge of OMMP growers alive, resulting in a compromise HB 2198, aka The Oregon Cannabis Commission, including allowance fir Medical growers to-sell up to 29 # into the adult regulated market.

Michael Rochlin, RN, MN, CSP, COHN-S, the Principal behind MJ Enterprises, is a clinical consultant, specialiizing in pain management & cannabinoid theraputics, regulatory compliance (including OSHA) and Project Risk Management.
He holds a Baccalaureate of Science degree in Nursing from Pennsylvania State University (including internships at NIH Heart, Lung Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD And Virginia Mason Neurosurgery Unit Seattle, Wa.) and Masters of Public Health Nursing, and Business Administration from the University of Washington, Seattle.
Michael has an extensive background in traditional acute, rehab and ambulatory care, as well as leadership roles at Fortune 100 Companies, such as Boeing, Medtroni and Starbucks; academic (OHSU, UW), and government (Washington LNI DOSH) organizations.

He taught undergraduate and graduate-level, continuing education courses and delivered workplace regulatory-required training.

His natural curiosity and work allowed him to immerse himself in the Cannabis sector and application of cannabinoid theraputics since 2014, empirically validating pain treatment and developing practical cannabinoid theraputic protocols.

Mike can be reached at:

[email protected]

Victoria Starr, RPh

Pharmacist | Director of Advocacy and Public Relations, Gesundheit Foods
Victoria Starr is a registered pharmacist with 22 years of mental health experience. She also worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative with both Eli Lilly and Company and Johnson & Johnson, promoting and educating mental health professionals on psychotropic medications.

Starr’s experience working in the pharmaceutical industry led her to spend 10 years working undercover on behalf of the federal government and to become a whistleblower in a major lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson.
Since being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in January 2016, she’s been working with NAMI SW Washington to form a Lyme Disease Collaborative to educate the public, including the healthcare community about Chronic Lyme Disease.

Kate Welch, Pharm.D, IACP

Kate Welch, Pharm.D, IACP is a compounding pharmacist who practices community retail pharmacy and medication therapy management in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University/OHSU.

Also a practicing herbalist with an interest in the science of botanical medicine, Dr. Welch is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and the American Botanical Council. In addition, she has completed advanced training in compounding pharmacy as well as in the pharmacology of essential oils. Dr. Welch is passionate about patient safety and science-based medicine and currently advises OMMP cardholders, their growers, and caregivers about optimal preparation and use of cannabis-based medicines.

Dr. David Knox

Dr. David Knox is a graduate of the University of Washington and University of Washington School of Medicine. After 37 years of clinical experience in Emergency Medicine and counting, he has expanded his expertise to include Cannabis Therapeutics.

Dr. David has consulted with over 5000 patients across the Pacific Northwest within the past year, noting the degree of results cannabis has had on a variety of maladies, but perhaps none more common than chronic pain, a condition which plagues Emergency Rooms nationwide.

Dr. David is a proponent of the continued clinical study and scientific advance of cannabis for its use in emergent, acute and chronic care management.

He is a resident expert at WeedHorn and www.abbibot.com.

Dr. Jessica Knox

Dr. Jessica Knox received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University before going on to earn her medical and business degrees from Tufts University. She completed her postgraduate training in Preventive Medicine at the University of California San Diego while earning her public health degree from San Diego State University.

Dr. Jessica believes that using all-natural remedies to fight disease and promote well-being should be the first-line approach in medical care. With healthcare costs soaring, and access to medical care as limited as ever, she believes the application of lifestyle and natural medicine is key to adequately addressing the current state of public health in our communities and country as a whole. It was out of this belief that Dr. Jessica’s interest in Cannabis Therapeutics blossomed.

Dr. Jessica counsels several hundred patients monthly in the use of cannabis, noting that her patients have a keen desire to use medical cannabis for targeted therapeutic relief. What excites her most is the opportunity to incorporate the current cannabis-related science and clinical data into her counseling on a complete spectrum of lifestyle modalities, so that she can impart upon her patients the most holistic information available.

Dr. Jessica champions patients taking their health and lives into their own hands, and believes that a physician well-studied in Cannabis Therapeutics is in a unique position to responsibly guide his or her patients into more healthful lives.

She is a resident expert at WeedHorn and www.abbibot.com.

Bill Stewart

Bill Stewart, Med Scientist for Half Baked Labs, believes that cannabis edibles are food first, and that all of our clients are patients. He has been cooking & baking for fifty years, and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University. He feels very lucky to have found a business where his areas of nerdyness connect.

Bill began creating edibles for a friend with ovarian cancer, and his daughter Camille (who has cerebral palsy) is beginning cannabis treatment; so as we say in South Cakalackey, “he has a dog in this hunt". With his roots on the medical side, Bill is dismayed by new legislative rules that are creating difficulty for patients, and is an activist to fight these rules (some legislators might prefer the term “pain in the ass”).

Bill and Half Baked collaborated with Coalition Brewing of Portland Oregon to create the state’s first CBD beer, and are working with local craft food producers to build an edibles brand for Oregon’s legions of foodies.


Rebecca, Nurse behind the Converse

Converse with the Nurse was created out of a need to educate and support Oregonians in the responsible use of cannabis after its legalization in 2014. Rebecca, the Nurse behind the Converse, is a clinical herbalist, avid gardener, and science nerd.
She holds a Baccalaureate in Nursing from Southern Utah University and has a rich history in the nursing field – including acute care, long-term care, preventative care, and support systems for marginalized adults. In addition to Converse with the Nurse, she is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Portland Community College and works as a Charge Nurse, serving an elderly community.

Rebecca’s study of botanical medicine germinated in the fields of Central Vermont. She lived and worked at Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center and studied under the world-renowned Rosemary Gladstar. Her passion and work allowed her to immerse herself in the application of botanical medicine with natural health leaders and herbalists from all over the world.
Rebecca was the driving force behind the creation of Sage Mountain Herbal Clinic which serves uninsured, underserved Vermonters. The clinic is still active today as a part of the Vermont School of Integrative Medicine.
Converse with the Nurse offers classes on using botanical therapies, health education, and individual health consultations. You can reach us~
[email protected]